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The popularity of open plan living means that our kitchens – and their lighting schemes –need to work on many levels to cater for all the activities that take place in them. We need the right light for tasking, dining, relaxing, working and entertaining. Kitchen islands are often the central part of the room where you might wish to make a statement, as well as providing you with an opportunity to introduce tasking and accent lighting to enhance your space.
A great lighting scheme has the power to transform an ordinary kitchen into a truly spectacular one. A cleverly positioned light can make a small room appear larger, disguise awkward architecture, compensate for poor natural light or accentuate natural features. Each design comes in come in a range of painted or antiqued brass and copper tones, as well as a combination of cool metallic finishes to suit every style of home. The pendants would be well suited above a kitchen island, breakfast bar or as part of your kitchen table layout.

Classic glass pendants

The translucent qualities of glass can transform a room, creating a stunning focal point without losing any sense of space. Our hand blown glass shades in plain, fluted and coloured glass styles, are specially designed to hang above kitchen islands and breakfast bars where they will make the most of natural light to create a bright and airy sense of space and feeling of flow from one area of your kitchen to another.

How to size lights for a kitchen island

Step 1 – Size and Shape

  • Think about the size and shape of your kitchen and select fittings that are in proportion. 
  • If in doubt, go larger as even smaller spaces look better with larger lights than ones that are too small.
  • If your island is central with activity going on around it, make sure your lights are high enough to be able to see one another across it and not get in the way of working at the counter, but not so high that you are blinded by the glare of the bulb.

Step 2 –  Rule of Three

  • One top design tip to achieve balance in a scheme is to repeat an element 3 times so you hang 3 lights over a counter or dining table.
  • If in doubt about what material to choose, go for glass. The airy, translucent qualities of glass means the pendants will create a focal point without losing a sense of space, no matter how big or small your kitchen is. 
  • A darker or heavier pendant will draw your attention and can overwhelm a space.

Step 3 – Spacing

  • Find the centre point of your island. If you are fitting three pendants, the middle one should hang at this point with the other two an equal distance apart either side and at least 6” (15cm) in from the edge or your counter.
  • Ideally, the space between your pendants should be at least 2ft (60cm) apart or equivalent to the width of one of your pendants at is widest point.
  • If lighting a small island – 6-7ft (2m) wide – use two pendants that are at least 30” (75cm) apart from the centre point of your island.

Glass pendant sizes

Pendants are usually hung 70-90cm from the worktop depending on your preference. If you wish to have the cable/chain height changed you can do so by contacting us directly for a quotation >

Kitchen ceiling lights
Kitchen mia pendant light

Compton and holborn kitchen lights
Putney and fulbourn kitchen lights

Farmhouse look

Turn up your country style with gently rustic brass and copper shades. Enhance tones and texture with period-inspired detailing to bring an authentic farmhouse look into your home. 

Industrial Feel

Combine the best of old fashioned styling with contemporary design for an industrial warehouse look. Enjoy retro good looks with our painted finish pendants, or choose true vintage style with a spun metal shade.

Triple Track Pendants

An excellent choice for easily even light distribution and to add ambience, we've designed our most loved pendant shades as triple tracks or in a tiered effect to help create an impact above your island.

Spot Lights for all-important tasking

The most versatile of lights, a well-placed spotlight will provide directional lighting wherever you need it. Choose a single spot to light up a specific area, or one of our combinations of up to six spots for a whole room. Our fabulous range of spotlights contain industrial inspired designs for a contemporary interior and antiqued versions for a more traditional look. They can be used with dimmer switches to create a more relaxed mood in your room.

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