Our Eco Friendly Values

At Jim Lawrence we believe that looking after the environment is a vitally important issue and we are constantly working to monitor and reduce any unnecessary packaging and processes to ensure we do our bit to reduce the impact we make.

As a mail order company, we need to use packaging to protect our handmade (and often fragile) products whilst they are being transported, but we are working hard to reduce any excess and to ensure all our packaging is as environmentally sound as it can be.

Over the past two years we have instigated a complete inhouse review of how we pack and store all our products, doing the best we can to minimise environmental impact while still ensuring our customers receive the very best service possible. We have setourselves the goal of reviewing all materials and methods used to pack our products, in order to achieve the most efficient safe and ecologically sustainable solution.
Our Dispatch Team
 Our packing boxes
To this end we now recycle packaging wherever possible and are making every effort to reduce the amount of plastic that is used, trying instead to use brown paper where it is feasible (itself made from recycled products).

The improvements we have made include:
  • We are excited to have recently introduced a new honeycomb paper packaging machine which, when used with the existing brown paper and cardboard boxes, means that all our 309 lights are packed plastic-free.
  • We have also invested in tiger paper machine that 'scrunches?' up brown paper so it can be used to fill space and cushion our products inside the boxes. It means we no longer use plastic 'air pillows?' or bubble wrap with the majority of our products.
  • We recycle all our packaging wherever possible, reusing paper and boxes sent to us via our Returns Department and those we receive from our suppliers.
  • We send back boxes to our glass supplier and we recycle scrap metal and any wooden pallets that we are unable to use.
The last step in our packaging strategy plan is to replace our packing tape and the protective plastic wrap used around lampshades for more sustainable alternatives. To the end we are currently experimenting with a paper tape machine and researching alternative protective wraps.