Jim Lawrence is proud to be a member of the Lighting Industry Association Quality Assurance Scheme (LIAQA), meaning that we have achieved recognition by the UK’s leading lighting trade association that both we as a company – and our lighting products - conform to the highest standards in quality and safety.


As a member of LIAQA, it means we have met the most rigorous standards so you can be confident that we are a responsible vendor providing good quality products that conform to British Standards and are fit for purpose.

The LIA Quality Assurance scheme is designed to make sure members comply to the expected standards as set by the LIA for the manufacture and testing of lighting products.

Before any of our products can be placed on the market, we, as the manufacturer must declare that the product confirms to all relevant British and EU regulations in order to receive its CE mark or Declaration of Conformity.

To achieve this, we must show supporting evidence that every product we make meets the right legal criteria; that the right processes and procedures have been followed in the making of that product, and with the same level of quality; and that every product has been properly tested for safety and performance conformity.
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Membership of the LIA means that we agree to be audited every year to ensure that our products follow the most up to date safety guidelines, that working practices are the best they can be and that we have the correct quality assurance processes in place so that each and every product complies with all legislative and regulatory requirements.

“We are delighted to be a member of the LIA Quality Assurance Scheme because it means we have been recognised as achieving the highest standards in our industry,” says Mark Glanville, Head of Engineering and Quality at Jim Lawrence.

“This year the auditor commented how impressed he was with the way our business has embraced the quality system.

“I can only thank everyone for the tremendous amount of hard work they have put into achieving this. Well done all.”