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Hallway Lighting Ideas 

If you want your home to feel inviting, it needs to be well lit, but finding fixtures to light up a stairwell or hallway can be a tricky business. Get it right and it will create that important first impression, setting the tone and the look for the rest of your home and ensuring there is a seamless flow from one room to the next. 

However, hallways are often overlooked and can lack a focal point. They can be dark and narrow, and if you live in an older property, may have low ceilings that make them feel cramped and claustrophobic.  But never fear, with our roots in rural Suffolk, where many medieval timber framed homes abide, we are used to the difficulties our customers face, so here are our top tips.

Make a statement

A hallway is so much more than just an entrance, it is the first room your visitors will see so it is important to make an impression. Pendant lighting is often the best used in stairwells, entrance halls and landings or where you'd like to show off architectural features as they will draw your eye upwards.
  • If you have the space, choose an oversized pendant or one with multi-drops as it will add interest at different levels.
  • If your hallway lacks character, choose an eye-catching pendant to add instant drama and create a focal point.
  • Choose a pendant light that reflects the look and theme of your hallway.
  • Glass is excellent for smaller rooms as its reflective quality will make the most of the available space and natural light.


  • Remember, dark colours will foreground your fittings so they will draw your attention.
  • Lighter colours will blend into their surroundings more, ideal if you want to create a sense of space.
  • Choose warm metallics like antique brass or copper to bring a period touch
  • Try our nickel, polished lacquer or black and slate grey finishes for a more contemporary look.

How to measure for a hallway

Step 1

  • Stand at both ends of the hall to check for dark spots that will look better when lit. 
  • Make sure that you place lights evenly down a hallway and place one close to each end to draw your eye along its length.

Step 2

  • If you are hanging pendants, we recommend they should be hung at least 2m (7ft)above floor level to give adequate clearance.
  • If you have a low ceiling, choose a pendant that can be shortened.

Step 3

  • As a rule of thumb, wall lights should be around 1.50cm or 60" above floor level.
  • You want them to be at least at eye level or slightly above so you don't look directly at the bulb
  • Were space permits they should be around 2 - 3m apart.

Step 4

  • Add warmth by adding layers of light. Mix wall sconces with table lamps placed on an occasional table or console to create inviting pools of light. 
  • Make the most of any available light by using glass shades and mirrors. The reflective quality of glass with bounce light everywhere.

Lights for a narrow hallway

Narrow hallways can feel cramped so it is a good idea to use glass shades to make the most of any natural light and create a sense of space. The reflective qualities of glass will bounce light everywhere,  adding layers of light and warmth.
  • Avoid wall lights if you can as they project outwards making the space seem smaller and more cluttered.
  • If you have no choice, choose fittings with a shallow projection and fit them high enough to avoid being knocked as you walk past.
  • Glass pendants work really well as they are ceiling fitted so will open up the space making it seem lighter and wider.
  • Try using flush fitting wall lights with our stylish Carlyle Half Shades that are designed to hug the wall.

Style ideas - customer hallways

Flush fitting shades to hug the wall

Shallow projections for more room

Hallways with low ceilings

Spaces with low ceilings can feel a little cramped so often look better with wall lights which, if fitted high enough, will draw the eye up and make the space feel open. Wall lights are great for brightening up staircases and landings.

Perfect Partners

For a stylish, uniform look around your home, try matching the look of your wall and pendant lights. Many of or lights are available as both ceiling and wall lights in the same finish.

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