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Bespoke Chain and Cable Lengths

We know how tricky it can be to hang your lights at home as not everything is made with standard sizes in mind!  In most cases we can wire our lights to suit your particular needs for a small additional cost.

Can you shorten the cable?

Bespoke cable
We recommend you always use a qualified electrician to install your lights.
  • All pendant lights under 5kg in weight come supplied with 50cm of braided cable.
  • Your electrician can shorten the length on installation.
Bespoke chain
  • Our heavier pendants are supplied with 1m of chain and cable.
  • All our chains are supplied with links that are welded shut. To shorten the chain, your electrician will need to use a hack saw to cut through the relevant link.
  • Cutting the links will void the warrenty so you need to be sure you are happy with you pendant lengths before you adapt them.

What if I need a longer chain or cable?

If you need your pendant fitted with a longer length of chain and cable, we can arrange this for you for a small additional cost as a bespoke request.

  • For pendant lights with a total value of under £100 the cost is £15.50 per product type, plus the cost of the additional chain and cable required.

  • For pendant lights with a total value of over £100, the cost is £26 per product type plus the cost of the additional chain and cable required
Fulbourn Triple Rose


Why do you charge a bespoke fee?

Our bespoke charge is based on the price of the original product, the cost of any additional materials or components required and the extra labour costs incurred to make those changes.

Is the bespoke fee per product?

No, the bespoke fee is charged per total number of product type. For example; if you wanted 1 x Barbican Pendant Light with longer cable, the bespoke fee would be £15.50 + the cost of the additional length of cable required. If you wanted 2 x Barbicans with longer cable, as the total value is more than £100 so the bespoke fee would be £26 plus the cost of the additional cable required.

What if I want 2 different lights with longer cable?

If you wish to have different pendants with longer cable you will be charged a bespoke fee for both types. For example; if you wanted  1 x Barbican and 2 x Chalfords with longer cable, you would be charged £15.50 for the Barbican plus the additional length of cable required, and £26 for the pair of Chalfords plus the additional length of chain and cable required.

How long will it take?

Bespoke products take longer to make than our standard products, so the lead time is generally a week longer than our normal lead times. Kindly note that products with bespoke modifications are non-returnable or refundable unless there is a fault. Formore information, please see our terms and conditions.

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To obtain a quote, contact us with with the product you would like made with longer cable, the quantity you need and the overall length you require for each light. We will work out the cost and lead time and email a quote to you. 

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