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Guide to our Bespoke Switches

If you are looking for a different configuration of switches, intermediate (3-way ) modules or an alternative combination of colours from those that we offer in our standard collection, we can make a bespoke switch for you. 
Follow our handy guide below, download or print off and complete the template at the bottom of the page and send it in to us at sales@jim-lawrence.co.uk and we will be in touch with a quote for you. 
Please use one order form for every different combination you require.

1. Choose your plate

Our switches can be fitted into three different plate sizes, from our 1 and 2 gang single plates, through our 3 and 4 gang double plates, to our large 6 gang grid plate.
1 Gang plate size
2 Gang Switch Plate
3 Gang Switch Plate
6 Gang Switch Plate

2. Bevelled or Hammered edge?

Pick a bevelled edge for a sleek, modern look, or hammered for a more rustic appeal.

Bevelled Edge

Hammered Edge

Hammered Edge

3. Pick a Finish

Select which finish you would like from our range of forged iron, nickel or antiqued brass finishes. For more information about our finishes and how best to maintain the, see our Guide to Product Finishes
Switch Finishes

4. Choose your modules

Choose any combination of switch styles and finishes from our collection of Dolly, Rotary Dimmer and Grid (Rocker) switch modules. You can indicate on the form whether you need them to be standard (2 way) or intermedate (3 way).
Dolly \Module
Grid (Rocker) Module
Rotary Dimmer Module

5. Specify the module order and any special requirements

Module Layout

In the space provided on the form, please specify the switch combination that you require. This will help us see how you would like your modules configured.

  • List your modules from left to right indicating those that need to be intermediate. For example in the diagram shown, the configuration from left to right is - Grid (intermediate) - dimmer - dimmer.
  • Please give the total number of switches in this style that you require where indicated on the form.
  • Please use a separate order form for a different combination.

6. Fill in the form

Bespoke Switch Form

This form can be completed digitally. Simply use the tick boxes to choose your combinations.

Ensure that you complete your contact details and tick the relevant boxes for your order.

Once complete, simply contact us to submit your order. If you have any questions, please get in touch, one of the customer service team will be happy to help.

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