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Versatile Wall Lights Inspired by you

We are so excited to show you of our latest collection of stunning new wall lights that combine the best features of our most popular wall sconces with new adaptations to bring you an even greater choice of lighting designs.

 Inspired by the many imaginative ways you display our products, we have created an extended family of wall lights at our Suffolk workshops that reflect the look of the heritage home, whilst giving you even greater versatility when it comes to your own creative direction.

Dulwich Wall Light

A neat, vintage appearance

Our beautiful new Dulwich Wall Light has a neat, vintage appeal that will add character to any setting.  In its making, we have combined the Club's spun brass shade with our popular Brooke Wall Light arm, to create a downlighter with a generous reach.

The Dulwich fits seamlessly into the trend for metallic fittings in modern kitchen designs where it will bring a feeling of warmth and heritage style to your lighting scheme.  

This wall light will create a soft pool of light for tasking areas in kitchens and dining areas and is ideal for brightening up a living room, hallway or used beside a bed as an alternative to traditional bedroom lighting.

Maldon Wall Light

Dainty layers of light

Championing our aim to create versatile wall lighting that can be styled by you, is our dainty Maldon Wall Light.  

Similar in look to the Chester Wall Light, we have adapted it to take a candle shade so you can choose the style and colour that best suits your interior.

The Maldon's design incorporates clean lines with an elegant swan neck shade arm to produce a neat wall sconce that looks wonderful adorning the walls in any room in your home.

Try pairing it with one of our handmade linen, cotton or silk candle shades for soft, layered lighting in a bedroom, or with a sumptuous velvet, or handsome tweed shade to create dramatic pools of light in a living room or dining area.

Carrick Wall Light

Personalise your look

Create a multitude of different looks with our gorgeous new Carrick Wall Light that can be fitted upwards or downwards. With a neat, unfussy presence and versatile shade arm, the Carrick is the latest addition to our best-selling Club family of lights and will make a lovely addition to your home.  

In its design, we have adapted the Club’s brass shade arm to take a fabric shade so you can individualise your style as much as you like.  Fit the Carrick upwards for classic, traditional appeal, or downwards for a more modern twist to your lighting scheme. 

Why not pair your wall light with one of our fabulous, handmade fabric shades for a totally unique look? We have a huge collection of shades in natural silks, soft linens, heritage tweeds and sumptuous velvets to choose from.


Our super new - and incredibly versatile - Carrick Wall Light has the added benefit of being designed to fit either way up, so you can get exactly the right look for you.  

Fit the shade upwards for a classic appearance that will never date, or downwards for a more modern twist to your lighting scheme.

We have a huge selection of different shade styles and sizes to choose from - all handmade here in Suffolk by our talented soft furnishings team. From luxurious silks and soft velvets, to heritage wools and fine linen fabrics, you are sure to find the best combination for you.

With Bulb Pointing Down

With Bulb Pointing Up

Paint Line

hand finished

Each and every one of our lights is hand crafted using traditional metalworking techniques that have been passed down through the generations and are hand finished and inspected by our talented team at our workshop here in Hadleigh, Suffolk.