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Small Porter Table Lamp
Porter Table Lamp
Available in: NEW Antiqued Brass | Beeswax | Clay | Matt Black | Polished
 Battersea Table Lamp
Available in: Antiqued Brass
Mansfield Table Lamp
Available in: Antiqued Brass | Matt Black | Old Ivory
Harleston Table Lamp with Fluted Glass
Abercrombie Adjustable Table Lamp
Available in: Antiqued Brass
Hendon Table Lamp
Available in: Antiqued Brass
Amersham Table Lamp
Studio Desk Lamp with Spun Shade
Available in: Antiqued Brass | Beeswax 
Layham Table Lamp
Available in: Antiqued Brass
Darlington Table Lamp
Available in: Antiqued Brass

Peterhouse Desk Lamp
Available in: Antiqued Brass

Windsor Table Lamp
Available in: Antiqued Brass

Regency Table Lamp
Available in: Antiqued Brass

Harleston Table Lamp with Clear Glass
Available in: Antiqued Brass | Beeswax Nickel
Seymour Fluted Glass Table Lamp
Available in: Antiqued Brass 
Higham Lamp
Available in: Beeswax | Matt Black | Old Gold | Old Ivory
Bannister Table Lamp
Available in: Beeswax
Salisbury Table Lamp
Wharton Table Lamp
Available in: AluminiumAntiqued Brass | Matt Black
Orwell Lamp
Available in: Antiqued Brass | Nickel
Jalousie Lamp
Available in:  Old Gold

Burford Table Lamp
Available in: Antiqued Brass | Nickel

Icanthus Table Lamp
Available in: Old Gold

Tulip Lamp
Available in:  Old Gold
Newark Desk Lamp
Available in: Shaker Green | Matt Black | Polished | Blue 

Wandsworth Table Lamp
Available in: Beeswax | Polished

British designed classics

Create instant atmosphere in your home with our stunning collection of hand crafted table and desk lamps, all designed here at our Suffolk workshop. A table lamp will bring a wonderful sense of warmth for a cosy evening in, or dinner with friends as well as a bright pool of light for those practical tasks. Forged from the highest qualitybrass and steel, our lamps feature hand blown glass bases and handmadeshadesfrom our beautiful collection of fabrics.

Jim Lawrence Quality

Jim Lawrence has worked hard over the past 20 years to build up an international reputation for producing classic, high quality lighting. All our lights are made using traditional metal working techniques and are hand finished to the very highest standards here at our Suffolk workshop.

We are very proud of the quality of our workmanship and designs that we feel highlight the skill of our metal workers and their ability to make products that suit both contemporary and period properties.