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Guide to Our Curtain Pole Packs

Why Choose a curtain pole pack?

Our pole packs are ready do hang and include all the fittings required, making them a great alternative to our made to measure range.

pole pack finishes

How do our pole packs work?

Our pole packs come with brackets, finials, rings and set length pole included. The pack contains everything you need to hang your curtains and can be shipped next day for a fast turnaround.

  • The poles come in two diameters – 12mm & 16mm 
  • Choose from 4 popular finishes finishes – Beeswax, Polished Lacquer, Matt Black and Clay
  • Each pack comes with sleeve brackets and a centre bracket for the 2m & 3m poles

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what is in the kit?

Each pack contains everything you need to dress your window, including one or two lengths of pole. There are 2 or 3 brackets included depending on length. The pack also contains 2 button finials that slot onto the end of the pole which are held in place by two grub screws.

The pack contents:
  • 100cm pole  - 12 rings – 2 brackets
  • 150cm pole – 20 rings – 2 brackets
  • 200cm pole – 26 rings – 3 brackets
  • 300cm pole – 40 rings – 3 brackets


Q: Can I cut down the pole to my specified size?
A: You will be able to cut the pole to your required length, the join will be concealed within the clever bracket design.

Q: I have very heavy curtains, do I need an extra bracket?
A: The poles are made from high quality solid steel and should hold heavy curtains if correctly installed.

pole pack set
Button pole pack

What differs between pole packs and made to measure poles?

  • Pole packs come with everything you need to hang a pole. Made to measure poles need additional finials and brackets.
  • Pole pack poles are made from solid steel. Made to measure poles are hollow.
  • Pole pack poles are available in a 12mm, or 16mm size. There is a choice of 4 sizes of made to measure poles.
  • Pole pack finials sit at the end of the pole, made to measure poles sit inside as they are hollow.
  • Pole packs are supplied with a specific sleeve bracket that is cleverly designed to hide the join between the pole and finial.
When measuring for your pole, you need to allow for the length of the finial each side as these fit on the end, not inside the pole.

Overall lengths of pole including finials (Cannonball finial illustrated):
 1m curtain poles

100cm poles

  • 100cm pole with button finials – 120cm
  • 100cm pole with cannonball finials – 130cm
  • 100cm pole with crook finials – 141cm
 1.5m curtain poles

150cm poles

  • 150cm pole with button finials – 170cm
  • 150cm pole with cannonball finials – 180cm
  • 150cm pole with crook finials – 191cm
 2m curtain pole

200cm poles

  • 200cm pole with button finials – 220cm
  • 200cm pole with cannonball finials – 230cm
  • 200cm pole with crook finials – 241cm
 3m curtain poles

300cm poles

  • 300cm pole with button finials – 320cm
  • 300cm pole with cannonball finials – 330cm
  • 300cm pole with crook finials – 341cm


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