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Lighting FAQ

How bright a bulb can I use with your lights?

We recommend using LED bulbs as they are not only the most energy efficient currently on the market, but they also don'╓t give off any heat so are ideal for use with glass and fabric shades.

Generally, we suggest the maximum strength of your bulb should be no more than 12W LED (equivalent to a 100W incandescent bulb).

Most Small Bayonet bulbs (SBC, B15) or screw type (E14) LED bulbs found on the high street are around 4-5W (equivalent to 40-50W old style) although it may be possible to find brighter ones from specialist stores or online.

Similarly, most Standard Bayonet (BC, B22) or E27 screw type LED bulbs are around 6-7W (equivalent to 60-70W old style) on the high street although, increasingly, it is becoming easier to find 10-12W LED bulbs (100W old style).

We don'╓t recommend using halogen bulbs because they generate a lot of heat which causes them to blow and can damage our shades, particularly our fabric ones which may get scorched.

Chester Wall Light
Montgomery pendant light

Are your lights supplied with a ceiling rose?

Yes, they generally come supplied with our Georgian Ceiling Rose or a similar specially made rose for heavier lights in the same finish as the light fitting.  Our lights are also supplied with 50cm of braided cable for if they are under 2kg in weight and 1m of chain and cable for our larger, heavier lights.

What is the maximum weight your ceiling roses can take?

Our strongest ceiling rose - the York is specially developed as a heavy duty ceiling rose for our oversized pendants. Originally it was designed to maintain the weight of our heaviest pendant, the Montgomery, which is a substantial 20kg.

For ceiling roses with hooks for chain - we can advise weights for up to 6kg.

For roses with cable grip only- the maximum weight we'd advise is 4kg.

As always, the fittings are very much dependant on the quality of the fixings so we always recommend fitting them to a joist or batten where possible.

Georgian ceiling rose
Georgian Ceiling Rose
Fordham ceiling rose
Fordham Ceiling Rose with hook
Gifford Ceiling Rose
Gifford Ceiling Rose
Ceiling mounted pattress
Ceiling Mounted Pattress

What if I cannot hide the wires in my ceiling?

If you need extra space in your ceiling to hide your light's connector box and wires, you have two options. You could consider buying our Fordham or Gifford Ceiling Roses which are designed to cover your existing plastic ceiling rose. They screw over the top and will cover a standard 80mm, or smaller ceiling rose. There are two versions of each cable; only rose or a rose with cable and hook.

Alternatively, you could consider buying a pattress. This is a special 'collar' that we have designed to screw onto our Georgian Ceiling Rose the standard rose that is supplied with our pendant lights to give it added depth. We also have a wall fitting version for use with our Club, Holt and Fisher wall lights. The Fordhams, Giffords and our pattresses come in a variety of corresponding colourways to give you a subtle but practical wiring solution.

Can the cable/chain be shortened?

All our pendant lights come supplied with either 50cm of braided cable if they are below 5kg in weight, or with 1 metre of cable and chain if they are above 5kg. Both the cable and chain can be shortened easily at home with a pair of scissors and hacksaw

Fulbourn Triple Track
Fulbourn Triple Track

Can the cable/chain be lengthened?

Yes, we can supply you with longer lengths of cable and chain but you will need to call us for a bespoke quote. Alternatively, you can order the full length of cable and chain you require as separate items and get your electrician to fit them.
Belford Lantern
Belford Lantern 

Use a Pendant Flex Ceiling Hook

Our clever Pendant Flex Ceiling Hook has been designed so that you can position your pendant in the perfect spot, no matter where the ceiling rose and wiring are situated.

It is also a great way to adjust the length of your pendant without the need forcutting its cable or chain.
Pendant Flex Ceiling Hook
Pendant Flex Ceiling Hook in action
Pendant Flex Ceiling Hook
Pendant Flex Ceiling Hook 
Hanson with pull cord

Can lights be supplied with a pull cord?

The only light that we currently supply with an option to have a pull cord is our Hanson Wall Light. None of our pendant or wall lights come supplied with their own switches.

What is a flush fitting backplate?

When deciding which wall light to choose for your home please bear in mind our lights are always fitted with one of two types of backplate; flush fitting and raised. Our Backplates Explained Guide. tells you everything you need to know about the difference between them.