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Keyhole Bracket Fitting Guide


keyhole using bracket

Front view

Keyhole bracket reverse

Reverse view

Step 1

Ensure there is a flat surface to attach the supplied bracket to.

Step 2

Offer the bracket to the wall and screw it into place either side of the cabling that has been channelled vertically to the light.

Step 3

Hook the keyhole fitting attached to the light body over the bracket to hold it securely in place.

Method 2 - screw directly into wall

Keyhole bracket direct to wall

Step 1

Ensure there is a flat surface to attach the bracket to.

Step 2

If the position of the cable is not an issue, one screw can be used to hang the light directly from the attached keyhole.

caution icon

Check wall suitability

Correct position

Straight Surface wall

  • Ensure that the wall is straight enough to position the backplate flush to the wall.
Incorrect positioning

Unsuitable walls

  • Having an uneven or heavily textured wall may not be suitable to ensure the light is safely secured.
  • We appreciate period homes do not always have straight walls, however you can check the wall with a spirit level or the edge of a metal ruler.


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