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1m Button Handrail
2m Button Handrail
3m Button Handrail
4m Button Handrail

Cannon ball

1m Cannonball Handrail
2m Cannonball Handrail
3m Cannonball Handrail
4m Cannonball Handrail


1m Crook Handrail
2m Crook Handrail
3m Crook Handrail
4m Crook Handrail

Shepherd's Crook

1m Shepherd's Crook Handrail
2m Shepherd's Crook Handrail
3m Shepherd's Crook Handrail
4m Shepherd's Crook Handrail


 Handrail Brackets

Handsome Handrails

Our handsome handrail packs are the perfect way to dress a flight of steps while providing strong support. Handcrafted from high quality forged iron and featuring our customary Jim Lawrence fine detailing, they will give you many years of pleasure as well as a practical solution for your staircase or garden steps.

Jim Lawrence Quality

Jim Lawrence has worked hard over the past 20 years to build up an international reputation for producing elegant, high quality lighting and we feel our outdoor lighting range really encapsulates our passion for stunning, period look garden lighting.

All our lights are made using traditional brass working techniques and are hand finished to the very highest standards here at our Suffolk workshop. The details of the design highlights the skill of our metal workers and their ability to make products that suit both contemporary and period properties.