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A Guide to our made-to-measure Portiere Rods

Portiere Rods

Our customers use the Portiere rod to hang curtains over doors. The rods are designed to open and close with the door to allow users easy access to enter and exit the room, whilst still keeping out any drafts.


The Portiere rod bracket fixes to the door frame, whilst the support bracket fixes to the door itself, allowing the curtain to be opened and closed in conjunction with the swinging of the door. 
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Portiere over door
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We offer a selection of curtain rings in the same finish as your portiere rod. You can calculate the number you require by calculating the length of your your portiere and dividing it by 7.


Our portieres are sold at one price, regardless of the length you require.
They are £53.70 each.
Rings in Beeswax
Rings in Mercury