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Curtain Pole FAQs

How many parts will my pole be supplied in?

Any length of pole can be ordered, but once over 210cm the pole will be supplied in two (or more) equal parts with a joining rod. The join will be covered by your central bracket.

Do I need a centre bracket?

12mm Poles - the maximum length we would recommend without using a central bracket is 150cm.

19/20/25/38mm Poles - the maximum length we would recommend without using a central bracket is 180cm.

Can I cut my custom made pole?

As a rule we say no, because you may cut off the hole for the grub screw that keeps your finials secure and is fitted quite near the ends of the pole.

However, you can cut our Pole Pack curtain poles as the finials are designed differently so they meet the pole inside the brackets. For more information see our Guide To Pole Packs >

Can I cancel my pole order?

You may cancel any order for whatever reason and receive a full refund within 24 hours of placing it.

After 24 hours has passed, if you wish to cancel your custom-made order, you will receive a 50% refund. You can cancel anytime up until the moment your goods are dispatched to you. We will retain 50% of the price to cover our costs and refund the balance to you.

Can I order any length of pole?

As a rule, the maximum length our poles are supplied as a single piece is 210cm. If longer then this, the pole will be supplied in two (or more) equal parts and supplied with a joiner rod.

If you specifically need a pole to be supplied at a longer length as a single piece (with no join) we may be able to accommodate you but please call our customer service team on 01473 826685 to request this and obtain a quote or else your pole will be treated in the normal way with a 210cm cut off point.

The maximum length our poles can be supplied as a single piece varies with the finish depending on whether they will fit into the machinery used to make them.

 Please also bear in mind that we do not dispatch poles longer than 250cm as there are problems fitting them into delivery vans - and, despite our best efforts to package poles carefully - the longer they are, the more chance there is of them being damaged in transit.

Maximum Lengths available

Beeswax -  210cm
Antiqued Brass -  210cm
Polished Lacquer -  240cm
Painted finishes (Matt Black, Clay, Mercury, Old Ivory) -  250cm

Can I return my pole?

We are unable to offer a refund or exchange on bespoke or made-to-measure goods unless they’re faulty. As our made-to-measure poles are custom made to your measurements, they cannot be resold, so we cannot accept them as returns. It is very important therefore that you are sure of your measurements and order details before you place your order with us.

Please double check your order confirmation or quotation to make sure all the measurements and details are correct. If you are unsure of your measurements, you can follow our guide on how to measure for a curtain pole in the Jim Lawrence Knowledge Base - How To Measure For A Pole >. If you are still unsure, you can also contact our helpful customer service team for advice on 01473 826685.

If you notice an error, please let us know within 48 hours so we can correct it. If you don't, we will assume that you are happy with the order and will start manufacture. If you need to make changes subsequently, we reserve the right to charge for the changes as necessary.

What do I need for a recessed window?

If you have a window without a facing wall to fix your pole to, you will need to use a pole with recessed brackets, or you can use a side fixing dormer rod. For more information, see our Dormer Rod Guide >.

Remember, when fitting your pole into a recess, you may need to hang it with the rings and brackets already in place as you may not have space to put them on afterwards.

What is the difference between your made-to-measure poles and your pole packs?


Our made to measure poles are designed to be made to your specific requirements so you get the exact fit and look that you require.
  • They are made from high quality steel tubing that is hollow (so strong but not too heavy).
  • The finials slot inside the pole at each end and are held in place with a grub screw.
  • We will cut your poles to whatever length you choose.
  • They are available in a wide choice of finishes
  • We have a great selection of accessories to choose from.

Pole Packs

Our pole packs designed as an alternative to your made to measure poles as they are already made up and can be dispatched on the same day if ordered before 12 noon.
  • They are made from 12mm or 16mm solid steel tubing. 
  • Because the poles are solid, the brackets do not slot inside them. Instead, they meet the rest of the pole inside the sleeve brackets which are wider than our standard brackets so they hide any cut marks and joins. 
  • These packs are available in a set number of lengths that you can shorten at home - 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 3m lengths.
  • Available with 3 of our most popular finial styles - button, cannonball and crook.
  • Available in our 4 most popular finishes - beeswax, clay, matt black and polished lacquer.

Differences in the finish


You may find there is a slight difference in colour between our beeswax poles and accessories. This is because our beeswax is a completely natural finish, created by heating the steel in the forge and coating it with molten beeswax.

Because the poles have a smooth surface, the beeswax doesn't adhere to them as well as it does to the finials, brackets and rings so they often have a shinier and slightly lighter tone than the accessories.

In practice, customers don't normally find this a problem once their poles and curtains are hung and many prefer a natural finish, but if you are after a more uniform look, please consider matt black finish instead.

Antiqued Brass

You may notice a variation in tone between our antique brass poles and the accessories. This is because the brass we use to make the poles is formed in a different way to the brass we use for the finials and brackets and they absorb antiquing solution in different ways.  Our brass poles are made from extruded solid brass tubing, whilst the finials, brackets and rings are made from solid cast brass. The antiquing solution is an ageing accelerator which, over time, will continue to mature and darken.

It means that to begin with, there may be a variation in tone between your pole and the accessories.  They will never be a perfect match, but over time both should dull down to a similar, tarnished finish. We suggest you put the poles up and leave them for 8-12 weeks to darken and even in colour naturally.

If this does not happen, or you feel the difference in the finish is too far apart, we can re-supply the poles with a heavier application of antiquing solution.  Please call our friendly customer service team on 01473 826685 and they will be able to help you.

Do you make brass bay poles?

We don’t offer bay poles in brass because natural brass is a soft metal that does not cope well with being bent during manufacture. The brass bends in a bay pole are therefore weak and not fit for purpose.

Can I have a 38mm brass pole?

We don’t offer our brass poles in a 38mm size because the pole would be too heavy for the majority of applications.

Do your passing rings work with any bracket?

No, our C shaped passing rings are designed to slide across our special adjustable passing brackets and will not work with our other bracket ranges.

How do I fit my finials to the pole?

Made to Measure Finials - finials for our made to measure poles are designed to sit inside the hollow pole and are fixed in place with a small grub screw to the rear.

Pole Pack Finials - Our pole pack poles are solid metal so the finials will not fit inside them. Instead, they are designed to attach to the end of  the pole within the sleeve brackets provided and are fixed in place with a grub screw at the rear. 

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