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Create Your Made-To-Measure Curtain Pole

As no two windows are the same, particularly in period homes, we have created a wide range of bespoke curtain poles and accessories to help solve your particular needs and enable you to dress your windows with style and elegance that will continue to serve your home for years. This page is a useful step by step guide on how to measure your windows ready for your made to measure curtains and poles.

Pole Lengths

The maximum length we can supply our Beeswax pole as one piece is 210cm
For Polished Lacquer, it is 240cm
For our Clay, Matt Black, Mercury and Old Ivory finishes, it is 299cm

Any length of pole can be ordered, but once over 299cm for painted finishes, 240cm for polished or 210cm for beeswax, the poles do not fit into our forge so will be supplied in two, or more equal parts with joiners.

If your pole is over 200cm long you will require a centre bracket. Don’t forget to ensure there is room for your chosen finials. We will individually cut and finish the made-to-measure pole to your bespoke requirement.

Beeswax Finish

Our beeswax is a completely natural finish, created by heating the steel in the forge and coating it with molten beeswax. Because the poles have a smooth surface, the beeswax doesn't adhere to them as well as it does to the finials, brackets and rings so they often have a shiner and slightly lighter tone than the accessories. In practice, customers don't normally find this a problem once their poles and curtains are hung and many prefer a natural finish, but if you are after a more uniform look, please consider matt black finish instead.
Choose a Diameter
For any help you may need with your curtain poles please call our friendly sales team 01473 826685.