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Create Your Made-To-Measure Curtain Pole

As no two windows are the same, particularly in period homes, we have created a wide range of bespoke curtain poles and accessories to help solve your particular needs and enable you to dress your windows with style and elegance that will continue to serve your home for years. This page is a useful step by step guide on how to measure your windows ready for your made to measure curtains and poles.

Step 1.


Look at your window and decide how high above your window you would like to position it.
  • Measure the width of your window to the outside of the window frame.
  • Using a pencil or masking tape, mark out where you would like your brackets to be fitted on either side of the window frame.

Step 2

Allow for the overhang

We recommend you add 15 -20cm to each side of your window frame for the overhang (the distance between the window and finial) to allow for the curtains to stack when they are open.
  • Decide where you want the ends of your pole to be, remembering to include the width of the finials on each side.

Step 3


Measure the distance between your bracket marks on the wall and add on 30 to 40cm (15-20cm each side) to account for the overhang . This will be the length of your pole.

Step 4

Remember your finials

The type of finials you choose will add to the overall length of your pole when it is installed, so although they are not included in calculating the length of pole you require, you will need to make sure you have enough space for them to fit each end.


Do I need a centre bracket?

  • 12mm Poles - the maximum length we would recommend without using a central bracket is 150cm
  • 19/20/25/38mm Poles - the maximum length we would recommend without using a central bracket is 180cm.

How many parts will my pole be supplied in?

Any length of pole can be ordered, but once over 210cm the pole will be supplied in two (or more) equal parts with a joining rod. The join will be covered by your central bracket.

What do I need for a recessed window?

If you have a window without a facing wall to fix your pole to, you will need to use a pole with recessed brackets, or you can use a side fixing dormer rod. For more information, see our Dormer Rod Guide >.

Beeswax Finish

Our beeswax is a completely natural finish, created by heating the steel in the forge and coating it with molten beeswax. Because the poles have a smooth surface, the beeswax doesn't adhere to them as well as it does to the finials, brackets and rings so they often have a shiner and slightly lighter tone than the accessories.

In practice, customers don't normally find this a problem once their poles and curtains are hung and many prefer a natural finish, but if you are after a more uniform look, please consider matt black finish instead.
Choose a Diameter
Button Finial
  • We offer a wide range of finial designs to perfectly complement your forged iron or brass made to measure pole.
  • Choose from over 20 styles from traditional to modern, all beautifully handcrafted here in the UK.

Standard Bracket

Standard Brackets

Standard brackets used for the majority of poles where there is room for them to fit either side of a window.
  • Choose from our Chapel Standard, Brett, or Double Brackets.
Centre Bracket

Centre Brackets

A centre bracket that can also be used at the end of a pole if space is limited for a standard bracket.
  • Choose from our Chapel, Brett or Double Centre brackets.
Sleeve Bracket

Sleeve Brackets

Can be used as an end or centre bracket as an alternative to our Brett and Chapel designs, or where a pole needs to be ceiling hung.
Recess Bracket

Recess Bracket

Fixes onto adjoining walls in a recessed window where there is no facing wall to fit a bracket.

How many curtain rings do I need?

  • We generally recommend using 1 ring per 8 -10cm of pole but this will depend on the type of curtain heading you would like and the thickness of your curtains.
  • We suggest 1 ring per 8cm of pole for our pencil pleat and cottage pleat headings
  • Our roman blinds, tailored and pinch pleat curtains will have fixed hooks that determine the number of rings that are needed. These are generally spaced 10cm apart

We make an extensive range of elegant curtain holdbacks, hooks and ombres in a choice of styles and finishes to complete your window dressing.

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