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A Guide to our made-to-measure Dormer Rods

Dormer Rods 

As no two period homes are the same, our range of bespoke domer and portiere rods offer a neat solution to draughty windows and doors. Our customers often use these in attic rooms with dormer windows, or in small recess areas where there is little room for conventional curtain tracks. The rods can be swung away from the window to maximise the amount of light.

Side facing dormer rod

Side facing

Front facing

Dormer rod length
Calculate length
Dormer rod finishes

We offer a selection of curtain rings in the same finish as your dormer rod. You can calculate the number you require by calculating the length of your dormer rod and dividing it by 7.


Our Button Dormer Rods are available in two diameters . The 12mm size is £51.80 regardless of the length you require, while the 16mm size is £59.40 regardless of length.
Rings in beeswax
Rings in mercury
Depending on your space, you can fix your dormer rod in either of two ways, face fixed or side fixed.
Face fixed: fixed to the same wall as the window.
Side fixed: fixed to the adjacent wall.

Support brackets

If you are hanging a particularly heavy curtain, or require a dormer rod over 1 metre in length then a support bracket may be required.


Our dormer rods are available with either a 12mm pole or a slightly heavier 16mm option.
Black Front Facing Dormer Rod