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Bespoke services

We know how tricky it can be to fit things at home as not everything is made with standard sizes in mind!  In some cases, we may be able to adapt our products to suit your particular needs for a small additional cost. Please see the list below for the items we can change and the length of time it takes us to make those changes. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call our customer service team on 01473 826 929 who will be more than happy to advise you.
In all cases you will need to call us to discuss your individual requirements and to obtain a quote before placing your order.

Our ‘bespoke’ charge is based on the price of the original product, the cost of any additional materials or components and the extra labour costs incurred to make those changes.
Swap shades

I need different length chain and cable

All pendant lights under 5kg in weight come supplied with braided cable that can be cut to the required length on installation. Our heavier pendants are supplied with 1m of chain and cable which can also be shortened using a pair of pliers to pull apart the chain link at the required length.

If you need your pendant fitted with a longer length of chain and cable, or you wish to choose a different colour cable, we can generally arrange this for you. Please call our customer service team on 01473 826 929.


Can I swap shades between pendant lights?

If there is a particular light fitting you like, but you wish to have a different glass or metal shade with it, it is often possible to change them. For example, if you like our Ava Triple Pendant Track but wish to have three different shades displayed on it, we can generally arrange it. Please call our friendly customer services team on 01473 826 929 to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.
Bespoke door handles

Can I order different finishes on door handles?

If you wish to have a different finish on each side of a door, e.g. beeswax on the outside of a bathroom but matt black (which is a waterproofed finish) on the inside, this can be arranged. As our door handles come in pairs, we will need to know which half of the pair – i.e. the left or right handed side – will be in which finish.

To determine the left or right hand side, look at which side of your door the hinges are on. If the door hinges are on the left, you will require a right side handle (as the handle will be fitted on the right hand side of the door). If your hinges are on the right, you will require a left side handle (as the handle will be fitted on the left hand side of your door).

NB: This applies to all door and window furniture across our website where the product is stated as being left or right sided.

Do you make bespoke door handles?

Yes, in many cases we can make a bespoke handle for you. If you require a non-standard handle to use with an un-sprung multi-point locking system (lift handle to lock, un-sprung handle) or a mortice lock (conventional lock with a sprung handle) we can make it to your specifications.

Please call our friendly sales team on 01473 828989 for a template, fill in the required measurements along with which handle style you would like, its placement (left or right handed), the finish and type of edging you prefer and email us for a quote.
Bespoke Eurolock handle
Bespoke products
Brass curtain pole

Do you make 'made to measure' curtain poles?

We have a huge selection of  made to measure curtain poles to ensure you find the perfect fit for your windows. They are all hand forged from high quality steel and brass and can be accessorised with our collection of brackets, finials and curtain rings.  You can find our guide for measuring windows here.
Bay window

Can I have bay window poles made?

We have a specialist team who are here to help you create the perfect solution for your bay windows as they can be a challenge to dress. To find out how to measure your bay windows and create a template to illustrate your requirements, please click  here.
Roman blind

Do you make curtains and blinds?

We have an expert team of seamstresses who create beautiful made-to-measure curtains & blinds from our collection of over 180 elegant country style fabrics for your home. To find out how to measure for your curtains and blinds, please click here.

Can I have an extended curtain pole bracket?

If you need to extend a curtain pole bracket to avoid a feature like a beam or protruding window frame, we can arrange this for you upon request. We will require the measurement from where your bracket is to be fixed, i.e. the wall, to the back edge of where you would like your pole to hang. If you wish to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quote, please call our customer service team on 01473 826 929. We can extend single and double pole brackets.


Can you adapt lights for use abroad? 

Most of our lights can be adapted to take European E27 or E14 screw in bulbs and some lights can be made with US fittings, for a small additional cost. For specific details and lead times, please contact our sales team on 01473 826 929.

Lights with non-standard plugs or inline switches

In many cases we can adapt our lights to take non-standard plugs or inline switches. Please call our customer service team to discuss your requirements on 01473 826 929.

Bespoke Switches and Media Sockets

We can create bespoke switch or media socket combinations for your individual specifications. Please call our customer services team on 01473 826 929 to discuss your needs.