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FAQs from our overseas customers

Can my Jim Lawrence lights be used in Europe?

Yes, they can, although for ease of finding replacement bulbs, you may want to consider having them adapted to take a European screw in bulb as these are more commonly found on the continent.

The majority of our lights are designed to take British standard bayonet bulbs (push and twist type) which are also common in many countries that were once part of the British Empire like Australia, New Zealand, India and parts of Africa and the Middle East.

Bayonet bulbs will work in Europe, as they use the same electrical current as in the UK, but you may find it difficult to source replacement bulbs in shops because the screw in bulb varieties (E14, E27) are more popular. In this case, if you wish to have your lights made to house a screw in bulb, we can do so for a small additional cost.

For lights with a value of £99 or less, the additional cost is £15.50 per product type. For lights with a value of £100 or more, the cost is £26. As these are bespoke adjustments, there will be an extended lead time. Please call our friendly customer services team on 01473 826 929 to discuss your requirements.

Having said that, it is also worth bearing in mind that with the increasing use of LED bulbs, which have a longevity of 5 years or more '⌠ and use of the internet to source bulbs - the need for having lights adapted for screw in bulbs has diminished. Many of our overseas customers order our lights as they come and include additional bayonet bulbs to cover the need for replacements.

Likewise, some of our UK customers prefer screw in bulbs so request that their lights be made with a screw in bulb fitting. It is entirely up to you!

It is also worth remembering that lights designed to take a GU10 (push in) bulb, such as our Edgware Spotlights, can be used anywhere as this type of bulb is commonly used throughout the globe.
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Can my lights be used in the USA?

Wiring a wall light
Not unless they are specifically wired for use in the United States. Historically, the USA and Japan developed a different electrical current than the UK with a much lower voltage. This means that your lights will need to be specially made for use in America, Canada and parts of South America and the Far East.

As a British manufacturer we ensure that all our lights are tested and fully comply to the British and European Standard (BS EN 60598). We are also able to make many of our lights suitable for United States domestic applications, but they are not, as standard, UL approved for use in commercial and public installations.

Many of our customers wish to use our lighting outside the UK and Europe, but please note that other worldwide regions may not be covered by the same regulations as the BS EN Standard. To this end we do ask that the purchaser accepts responsibilityfor ensuring the compliance and compatibility of the lighting in the country they are to be used, as we are unable to guarantee compliance and compatibility outside our approved and tested regions of the UK and Europe.


Yes we ship overseas. International carriage charges are based on the destination address, weight, box size and quantity of the order. For countries we ship to regularly, the shipping cost is automatically added to your order at checkout. For countries we do not ship to regularly, the shipping costs will need to be calculated for you via our courier UPS and we will need to take extra payment for these.

If you woud like a quote to include your shipping costs, kindly supply your billing address (and delivery address if different), including a contact name and number, the products you would like to order and we can create a quotation for you.

If it is lighting you require, please let us know if you require alternative bulb fittings or wiring and we can then check if these can be modified for you.

For more information on overseas deliveries, please see our: International Deliveries >
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