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Oval Shades

Oval shade styles
Like our square shades, our oval shades are available with either straight or sloped sides and look fabulous on a column lamp or one with a rounded base that mirrors its curves. They are especially handy where space is tight as they are narrower than a traditional round shade.  We also do a Wide Oval shaped shade that sits a little wider and shorter than our standard oval dimensions.
  • Our oval shades are available in 5cm increments from 20 - 45cm wide

  • They are fitted with a shade ring that screw onto your shade beneath the bulb.

  • They come with reducers to ensure a universal fit.

Sloped Oval shade dimensions

Sloped Oval Dimensions

Straight oval shade dimensions

Straight Oval Dimensions


Empire wire frame
Reducer Ring

What fitting do your oval shades have?

Our Oval shades are made from good quality white card that makes them self supporting. They have an oval shaped wire frame, similar to the one shown on the left, which sits at the bottom of the shade, with a second smaller wire ring fitted to the top. Theshade ring - or 'gimble' - that fits the shade to your lamp base, is fixed around 4 to 6cm up from the bottom (depending on size) and is supplied with a reducer ring, as shown, that can be removed to ensure a universal fit.


I need a shade for a pendant light

All our straight sided oval shades can be used with a pendant light. The beauty of straight sides is that they can be used one way to fit a lamp base and turned upside down to fit a ceiling pendant. If you would like a sloped oval shade to work with apendant fitting you will need to contact our helpful customer service team for a bespoke quote.

How big should my shade be?

For useful information about sizing shades for a lamp base see our Knowledge Base Guide
  • How to size for a Table Lamp 
  • The width of your shade should be equal to the height of your base.
  • The height of your shade should be two thirds the height of your base (divide the base height by 3).
  • Your shade should be wider than the widest part of your base.

What size do I need for a floor lamp?

For useful information on sizing shades for floor lamps, see our Knowledge Base guide
  •  How to Size for a Floor Lamp.
  • Measure the height of your floor lamp from the floor to the underneath of the bulb holder.
  • Divide this by 4 to get the right height of your shade.
  • The width of the shade should be wider than the base.

How much light will be let through?

Generally, the lighter the colour and weave of the fabric, the more light the shade will allow through. The darker and heavier the fabric, the more the light is channelled through the top and bottom of the shade. For useful information about fabrics andtheir use as shades, see our Knowledge Base guide - Lampshades FAQs

Can I use any of your fabrics?

Yes, we can make any of our oval shades in any of our fabrics as a bespoke item. Please contact our helpful customer service team to raise a quote.

Can I use my own fabric?

Yes, we can generally make any of our shades in your own fabric, we just ask that you send in a swatch first so that we can be sure it is suitable. For more information, see our Knowledge Base Guide on Bespoke Lampshades.

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