Classic new designs from Jim Lawrence

Shotley Wall Light

Shotley Wall Light

We are delighted to introduce the latest addition to our wall lighting range – our beautiful new Shotley Wall Light. With its vintage style fittings and delightfully reflective, hand blown glass shade, the Shotley combines the best of modern design with traditional metal working techniques to suit any kitchen, dining room, bedroom or hallway.

Crafted from solid, natural brass that has been antiqued for a classic, aged look, the Shotley will sit as comfortably in a modern space as it will a country cottage setting.

The generously proportioned clear glass shade gives the design a contemporary twist and a light, airy quality that will lend your room a sense of space as well as flooding it with warm white light.

Barbican Wall Light

We are so excited about our handsome new Barbican Wall Light which brings the appeal of our bestselling Barbican Pendant to your walls. With its beautiful spun brass shade, simple lines and vintage detailing, it would look as good hung in the best hotels, bars and restaurants as it would in your kitchen, study or hallway.

Handcrafted from solid, natural brass that has been lightly antiqued for a subtle, aged look and featuring a spun shade which directs its light downwards, the Barbican is a design classic with a timeless quality that looks equally at home in both contemporary and period settings. Fit it in your living or dining room to create a relaxed atmosphere, or use it for focused tasking light over a kitchen unit or console table.

Barbican Wall Light
Salthouse Wall Light

The Salthouse

With its unashamedly bold design, our super new Salthouse Wall Light marks a first for us. It is the first time we have designed a light that puts its bulb centre stage, and we make no apologies for its beautiful brash appearance. Our take on industrial lighting from the 50s and 60s, we feel the Salthouse adds a modern twist to any room.

The Salthouse has been given the Jim Lawrence touch with a traditional brass fitting that is available in a lightly antiqued brass finish for a classic aged look, or in our contemporary painted finishes. With its simple lines, spun metal shade and tilting head that moves through 90 degrees, it will make a statement wherever it is hung.

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The Brooke


If you are looking for a classic wall light with a twist, our super new Brooke Wall Light should fit the bill. Influenced by our hugely popular Club Wall Light, the Brooke has the same vintage appeal but with the added benefit of a shade.
The Brooke has a neat, unfussy presence that looks equally at home in a contemporary setting as it does a more period one and has an added versatility that will lend itself to any space in your home. You can fit it upwards for a modern twist to traditional wall lighting, or downwards for a more classic look.

Try pairing it with one of our fabulous handmade fabric shades to bring softness to a room. A fabric shade allows more light through its sides so is a great way to add layers of light to a scheme, as well as brightening up a dark corner.

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Brooke Wall LIght
Brooke Wall Light with different shades


Our super new - and incredibly versatile - Brooke Wall Light has the added benefit of being designed to fit either way up, so you can get exactly the right look for you.  

Fit the shade upwards for a modern twist to traditional wall lighting, or downwards for a more classic look that will never date.

With a wide selection of different shade styles and sizes to choose from - all handmade here in Suffolk by our talented soft furnishings team  - from our huge collection of luxurious silks, soft velvets, heritage wools and fine linen fabrics, youare sure to find the best combination for you.


Fit the Brooke with its shade pointing down for a classic timeless look that will never age. As well as channeling light downwards to create perfect task lighting ideal for reading a book or threading a needle, its fabric shade will allow more light throughits sides, making it a great way to bring soft layers of light to a scheme.

Brooke as a downlighter
Brooke as an uplighter

Trail blazing as an up light

If you fancy bringing a contemporary twist to your lighting scheme, try fitting the Brooke with is shade pointing upwards. Not only will this instantly update your interior, but it will also create a lovely pool of light to brighten up any room in your home.