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IP ratings explained

Outdoor Lighting

What are IP ratings?

Light fittings are given a two digit number known as an IP (Ingress Protection) rating. The rating indicates the standards used to define how effective electrical sealings are against intrusion from dirt and water.

The first digit stands for the level of protection against dirt and dust and ranges from 0 for no protection to 6 for total protection.

The second digit is the relevant one for outdoor lighting as it relates to the degree of protection against water and ranges from 0 for no protection, up to 8 for a light that will be totally submerged in water.

All our outdoor lights are IP rated 33 or 44.

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IP Ratings for Our Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights must have a rating of IP33 or above.

IP rated 33 lights are suitable for use outdoors. The rating means that while they offer suitable protection from rain or spraying water, they are not considered completely splash proof.

In tests, these lights have shown they offer suitable protection against rain or spraying water at any angle up to 60 degrees. Most likely these lights have an opening at the bottom so they should not be positioned in an area where they are likely to be affected by an upward water spray, such as near a garden sprinkler, hose pipe or car washing area. In these areas we'd recommend using an IP rated 44 light.

IP rated 44 lights offer protection from rain or spraying water from any direction so are considered to be fully splash proof. Typically these lights will have a sealed lamp holder enclosure.

Kindly note, we do not recommend using pressure washers anywhere near your outdoor lights whether IP rated 33 or 44.