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A Guide to our made-to-measure Stair Rods

Measure the overall width of your runner, then add 4cm on each side. This will give you your end to end stair rod measurement. Please ensure this doesn’t exceed your staircase width.
Calculate length

Choose a finish

Antique Brass stair rod
Antique Brass  - Our brass stair rods are styled with a turned end that will slide freely through the unique brass bracket.
Polished Brass stair rod
Polished Brass 
Matt Black stair rod
Matt Black

Do you need Spacers?

Stair rod spacers
Stair Rod Spacers
Brass spacer
Antiqued Brass Spacers
Matt Black spacer
Matt Black Spacers
If you have a particularly heavy runner that will not compress below 10mm, spacers may be required. These are sold separately and are made to order to match the finish of your stair rod.


Our Stair rods are sold at one price, regardless of the length you require.
The price includes one stair rod and two brackets.
Brass: £25.80 each
Forged Button: £17.90 each
Forged Spear: £17.90 each