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How to fit our glass shades

We make every effort to ensure that our glass shades are packed with care, however before installation we ask customers to inspect glass shades for damage caused during transit. In the unlikely event where the shade has cracks or chips, do not fit your shade, call our friendly customer services team on 01473 826685 to arrange for a replacement.

As glass is a natural resource and our glass shades are individually handblown, slight imperfections may occasionally occur such as ripples and small bubbles that we feel add to the character of the glass.

KINDLY NOTE: There is a risk of falling glass if these instructions are not followed correctly. 

Step 1

Position the glass shade

  • Hold the underside of the glass shade and offer it to the gallery.
  • Ensure the screws are positioned under the glass ridge of the rim.
  • Make sure the screws are aligned with the silicone band around the neck where a band is provided.
  • If there is no band, ensure the screws are aligned with the glass neck under the rim. 
Correct gallery screw position

Correct glass position

Incorrect gallery screw position

Incorrect glass position

Shades without a silicone band

  • Follow the steps below making sure the screws are not overtightened or they may cause the glass to crack.
Glass shade without a silicone band

Correct glass position

Incorrect glass position

Step 2

Position the gallery

  • Make sure the gallery is positioned correctly. 
  • It should sit flat on the top of the glass shade and not at an angle.
Correct gallery position

Correct gallery position

Incorrect gallery position

Incorrect gallery position

Step 3

Hand tighten the screws

Make sure all screws are
hand tightened evenly.

Overtightening may cause
the glass to crack.

  • Holding the glass shade in one hand, evenly hand tighten the screws in a clockwise direction until you feel they make contact with the silicone band.
  • DO NOT USE TOOLS to tighten the screws - they should be hand tightened only.
  • If no band is provided, hand tighten the screws clockwise until they make contact with the glass neck.
Screws tightened correctly

Screws tightened correctly

Screws tightened incorrectly

Screws tightened incorrectly

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