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Cow Parsley Story

Where it all began

Still based on the farm where the business began over 20 years ago, Jim and Sheena Lawrence are well versed in the landscape of rural Suffolk. In Spring, cow parsley is a familiar sight gently swaying in the hedgerows and woodlands around the bumpy farm track customers once travelled down to find us.

Cow Parsley is so synonymous with country living, it was a first choice for our latest fabric pattern. After all, what better way is there to celebrate our natural surroundings every month of the year than by using it on soft furnishings that you can use in any room in your home.

As Sheena says: “We’re lucky to live in a country of such natural richness and historical interest, that design inspiration is everywhere. Our landscapes and traditional crafting techniques influence everything we do. They are visible in the products we make, the metalworking we undertake and the fabrics we are drawn to.”

A Country Palette

When it came to choosing a colour palette, it was clear that plucking their favourite views from the farm would be translated into this new collection.

“This is a wonderful time of year for going on a country walk,” says Sheena. “The colours are amazing. We opted for a soft grey as it reminds us of early morning mists in the valley below the farm, the dew on the surrounding fields, autumnal wood smoke and the first crisp frosts of winter.

“Gold is everywhere at the moment; in the low evening sunlight, russet coloured leaves on the trees and the freshly harvested fields, it was an obvious colour choice. As for the Duck Egg Blue, well, Suffolk is renowned for its immense skyscapes and reeded river estuaries and you can see the sky for miles from the top of the hill near us, so it had to be included.”

Rustic Weave

Cotton is one of the most commonly used fabrics for lamp shades as it is lightweight, durable and has a softness that is ideal for diffusing light evenly around a room.  

Our Cow Parsley has a loose, rustic weave that gives it a wonderful texture akin to linen. It is uniform in appearance and brings a fresh, understated elegance for a laid-back kitchen, living room or bedroom.

Available as a cut fabric, cushion cover and on a selection of shades, we hope our Cow Parsley collection neatly encapsulates these small seasonal joys into something you can admire all year round in your home.