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How to wire our switches & sockets

Safety Instructions

Please read these instructions carefully before you start work. Keep them in a safe place in case you need them for future reference. You must install electrical accessories in line with the latest EE wiring regulations - BS7671: Requirements for Electrical Installations and any other relevant safety regulations.

If you have any doubts about following these instructions, you should consult a qualified electrician.

Before you start

1. Switch the mains supply off. Remove the appropriate fuse or switch off the appropriate circuit breaker.

2. Make sure that nobody else can reconnect the supply while you are working.

3.  If you are replacing an existing fitting, remove it now.

4. Clean the inside of any existing mounting box, remove any debris or dust.

5.  Make sure that any existing fixing screws are secure and do not protrude.

6. Ensure you are using the correct rating and type of cable.

7. Ensure you understand the layout of the terminal connections before wiring. They can differ between fittings.
Wiring a switch

UK & Ireland wiring colours

These fitting instructions only apply to installations in the UK & Ireland.

Twin & Earth Cable: Brown = Live        Flexible Cable : Blue = Neutral

United Kingdom
Important Notice: Wiring colour changes
Installations wired after 1st April 2004 could be wired using EU harmonised colours for the supply conductors of twin & earth cable. The old colours ceased to be used from 1st April 2006. Flexible cable colours were unchanged.
Old Colours: Red = Live      
Black = Neutral
New Colours: Brown = Live
Blue = Neutral  
UK wire colours