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How To Measure For Bay Windows 

Bay windows are a stunning feature in any home, but often present quite a challenge to dress. We have a specialist team who are here to help you create the perfect solution for your unique window. All you need do is supply us with a paper template of your window, which is very easy to make. Just follow the simple steps below. (For 90 degrees angles a basic sketch with dimensions will suffice.)

1. Make a template 

  • Use something robust like wallpaper or brown paper for the template - newspaper is too flimsy. An old roll of wallpaper is ideal.
  • Push the paper to the back of the window and fold the corners to follow the angles (figure 1). Do this at ground level, not at pole height.
  • Cut away the excess paper to show the angles (figure 2).
  • Mark on the template where you would like the finials to begin.
  • Mark on the template where you would like the brackets to be (figure 3).
  • Let us know the depth of your skirting board so we can take this into account.
  • Let us know if you have a deep window sill which your curtain needs to fall in front of.
calculate length
We will make the necessary allowances for the depth of the bracket from the wall and any sills you’ve advised us of.

2. Choose your pole diameter

Image titleWe offer our bay window poles in two diameters,
20mm and a moresubstantial 25mm option.

3. Choose a finish

8. Delivery

Your pole will be made in two parts with a central joiner for ease of delivery and handling.
Delivery is just £5 per order within mainland UK. For more information about our delivery service, please visit our FAQ page.

For any help you may need with your curtain poles please call our friendly sales team 01473 826685.