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Flush Ceiling Lights

Explore our new collection of flush fitting ceiling lights available with a selection of shades to give you more creative choices when it comes to your lighting design. We have so enjoyed our efforts to create lighting that can be personalised by you, that we have designed a new flush mount ceiling rose in our best-selling antiqued brass that you can purchase on its own to pair with a fabric pendant shade of your choice, or buy supplied with one of our most popular metal and glass shades.

Choose our elegant brass Club, Barbican and Large Balmoral Flush Fitting Lights to introduce a touch of warm metallic tones to your scheme, or select our beautifully reflective glass Fisher and Shotley shades for a bright and airy appearance. For a truly individual look, why not match your ceiling mount with one of our exquisite, fabric pendant shades that are all handmade at our Suffolk workshops.

Flush Mount Ceiling Rose

Create your own style 

Create your own statement lighting by pairing a fabric shade with our clever new Flush Mount Ceiling Rose that is designed to accommodate any sized pendant shade that is screwed onto the lamp holder.

Ideal for rooms with low ceilings or narrow hallways that are unsuitable for wall lights, a flush fitting ceiling light gives you all the beauty of a hanging pendant but without the worry of unwanted lengths.

Go for a large wide cylinder shade in the centre of a room for maximum impact and pair with a diffuser to block out the brightness of the bulb and generate a relaxed atmosphere. For more subtle lighting, opt for two or more ceiling mounts with smaller Pendant Empire or Medium French Drum Shades to add lovely layers of light to your scheme.

The Fisher

Flush Ceiling Light

Small & Stylish

They say the best things come in small sizes and we agree our dainty Fisher Flush Ceiling Light is no exception. Despite its small proportions, this beautifully reflective glass ceiling light still packs a stylish punch thanks to its classic detailing and delicate fluted glass shade that will brighten up any room in your home.

Ideal for low ceilings, small rooms or narrow passageways, the Fisher’s glass shade will ensure you receive the maximum light output without encroaching on the sense of space. For a perfect partner, try pairing it with one of its siblings from our extended family of Fisher lights that have been designed to add lovely layers of light to your scheme.

The Large Balmoral 

Flush Ceiling Light

Classic, Elegant 

Enjoy the best old fashioned styling in a contemporary design with our Large Balmoral brass shade that has been adapted to fit a flush mount ceiling rose.  A classic kitchen light, it will give off plenty of light if placed centrally in a room and looks wonderful fitted as a pair or in a row above general tasking areas like kitchen islands and dining tables. 

Finished in Antiqued Brass, the Balmoral fits perfectly into the trend for warm metallic hues in kitchen interiors and makes an excellent alternative to traditional hanging pendants in informal spaces or rooms with low ceilings. With its wide, spun brass shade, itt will make a statement wherever it is fitted.  

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The Shotley

Flush Ceiling Light

Light & Airy

Designed as a traditional glass ceiling light, the Shotley combines beautiful brass details with a simple clear glass shade that will fit effortlessly into a period or modern home where it will create a bright and airy atmosphere that won’t encroach on the sense of space.

Like its extended family of Shotley lights, this ceiling mounted version will enable you to make the most of any available natural light during the day, whilst giving off great general lighting at night.

The Shotley is ideal for rooms with a low ceiling, intrusive beams or narrow spaces where wall lights are impractical. It also makes a lovely addition to a bedroom where the glass lends a sense of softness and calm to a scheme.

The Club 

Flush Ceiling Light

Warm, Metallic Tones

We are delighted to show you our ever popular Club Wall Light in a brand new guise; as a versatile, flush fitting ceiling light, ideal for brightening up smaller spaces and rooms with low ceilings.

Echoing the look of traditional lighting schemes found in gentlemen’s clubs, the ceiling mounted Club features a spun brass shade that directs its light downwards casting a lovely pool of light for a subdued atmosphere in a large space or giving great directional light for tasking activities in a small one.

With a neat vintage appearance, the Club will add character to any setting and fits seamlessly into the trend for metallic fittings in modern kitchen designs.

The Barbican 

Flush Ceiling Light

Vintage Appeal

Joining our large family of Barbican lights is the Barbican Flush Fitting Ceiling Light that takes the same beautiful spun brass shade and matches it with a ceiling mount for added versatility.

Featuring a dainty fretwork design and an upturned lip, the Barbican has a neat, heritage appeal that will make a statement wherever it is fitted and is ideal for bringing a touch of metallic warmth to a scheme.

Similar in look to our Hoxton Wall Light, The Barbican’s metal shade directs its light downwards creating a relaxed atmosphere in a room, or great tasking light over kitchen cabinets or a dining table. Also available in our contemporary Slate Grey finish.

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