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Cottage Glass Collection

Inspired by the light of long summer days, we've curated an exquisite new collection of dainty wall and pendant lights in bright and airy glass that is perfect for smaller spaces. Elegant, versatile and timeless, these bold new arrivals will offer statement lighting for key areas like kitchen islands, breakfast bars and peninsula units, as well as for hallways, bedrooms and those awkward but charming nooks throughout the home.

Shoreditch Pendant Light

Bold, simple styling

Championing our efforts to design classic, versatile kitchen lighting, is our bold new Shoreditch Pendant Light.  With its simple lamp holder and bell jar glass shade, the Shoreditch has a pared-down, utilitarian look that evokes the feel of lofts-style living and will appeal to those wanting a clean, contemporary feel to their home.

One of our smaller hanging lights, the Shoreditch is well suited to a small or narrow space where its glassy reflectiveness will throw out plenty of light – ideal for tasking areas like a smaller kitchen island unit, breakfast bar or peninsula unit. Try hanging it in a row of three for maximum visual impact.

Perfect Partners

The Hudson Wall Light

Delicate, vintage appeal

Bring the beautiful, reflective quality of glass to your home with our fabulous new Hudson Wall Light – the latest addition to our growing family of hand-blown glass lights.

The perfect blend of modern and vintage, the Hudson is a handsome wall sconce with a striking, shallow glass shade married with an elegant swan neck arm that emits plenty of light and will add personality to any setting.

Glass wall lights are excellent for creating a sense of space in a room, particularly in dark, small or narrow spaces where their airy, transparent quality makes the most of natural light during the day, and provides a widespread, uniform output at night, without encroaching on the sense of space.

Perfect Partners

The Hudson Pendant Light

Stylish, statement piece

A perfect partner for your Hudson Wall Light, the Hudson Pendant Light is a similarly styled, daintily proportioned hanging light with a hand-blown, shallow glass shade and protruding bulb that will create a stunning focal point in a room without losing the sense of space.

All our pendant lights are designed to sit perfectly above kitchen islands, tables and breakfast bars where their simple styling and old fashioned elegance will bring a delicate, individual touch to the setting. 

By day, the airy transparent quality of the hand-blown glass shade makes the most of any available natural light, while at night it produces a widespread, uniform light output that is ideal for general tasking.

Perfect Partners