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How to clean brass and copper shades

In keeping with our heritage values, the majority of our products are made from natural, unlacquered brass and copper. Lacquer is a thin coating of varnish that is used to protect the metal from oxidising and thus avoiding it tarnishing or 'dulling down' over time. However, we feel that natural brass and copper makes for a more authentic finish - perfect for traditional metalware.  

It means that occasionally some of our antiqued brass and copper products, particularly those that have any kind of spun shade, are particularly susceptible to fingerprints if handled without the use of gloves. 
  • We always recommend wearing soft gloves when handling and installing our brass and copper lights.
If you do get finger marks on your shade, they are easily removed by using the following steps.
  • Recommended tools: Pair of soft cotton gloves, abrasive pad (Scotch Brite or similar quality), soft cotton cloth.

Step 1

Always wear a suitable pair of soft gloves when handling and installing our brass or copper lights.
Shade with gloves

Step 2

Gently but firmly brush the surface of the shade with the abrasive pad.
Abrasive pad

Step 3

Go with the grain of the finish so there is an even tone over the whole surface.
Brush with the grain

Step 4

Then buff the surface again with a soft cotton cloth.

Soft cotton cloth

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