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Light Bulbs

A great selection of light bulbs for the home, including energy saving, halogen and designer bulbs. We also stock traditional fliament bulbs, which are great for retro styling. Our range caters for spotlights, wall and ceiling lights, and lamps in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

In September 2012 new legislation to phase out incandescent light bulbs came into force. So we have increased our range of LED bulbs, alongside the CFL low energy and halogen bulbs with which we're all now familiar. We have carried out a lot of research into the new generation of LED bulbs before making our selection. Many of the ones we supply can be viewed in our showroom.
Their energy saving levels are a minimum of 80% which, together with their increased longevity, more than outweighs the higher purchase cost.

For help on low energy lighting, please see our Guide to Low Energy Lighting or our blog on the subject.