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We're a Suffolk based family business. All our staff are trained and knowledgeable about our products.

You can visit us at our showroom Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm, Saturdays from 9am to 5pm .
Our phonelines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm, Saturdays from 9am to 5pm An answerphone takes messages out of hours which will be dealt with promptly the following working day.

You can order with total peace of mind with the Jim Lawrence Guarantee.


Product Information and Guides

How many curtain rings do I need?
If your curtain has a pencil pleat (ie gathered tape) heading, the optimum hang is achieved by using one ring every 7cm.
If your curtain has a triple pleat or similar heading, you are likely to need one ring every 10cm, though please check with your curtain maker to be certain.
Because of the size of our mahogany poles and rings, we only recommend one ring every 10cm with them.

Please remember that you need an even number of rings for a pair of curtains!
Bespoke Lamp Shades
Jim Lawrence is unique in the service it can offer customers; with a workshop that can produce any type of bespoke fitting for your lamp shade and a paint shop that can finish fittings in any colour.

We can also make shades with customers' own fabrics or our own extensive range of over 250 beautiful fabrics, for which a swatch service is available.

We also stock different coloured card linings as well as a range of trims.

We have a range of beautiful coordinating ceiling roses in all our finishes with braided cable in a choice of stylish tones.

All in all a truly bespoke service for our customers. Please ask for details or visit our Classic Collection of lampshades to see what we have in stock.

Otherwise why not try designing your own with our clever Lampshade Builder? It will open up a world of lampshades to you!

What is the returns policy for bespoke items?
Our standard shades are refundable, but due to their bespoke nature we're unable to offer a refund or exchange for shades ordered using the shade builder.
Guide to switches and sockets
Our handmade switch plates are made from solid steel or brass. The plates are available in a choice of finishes, including:
  • antiqued or polished brass
  • beeswax - steel heated almost to black in the forge and dipped into beeswax
  • polished - steel wet polished to bring out a depth of colour and sealed with a clear lacquer
  • matt black - steel powder coated a uniform, hardwearing matt black
  • nickel - brass plated with nickel then flash coated with chrome, to create a reflective metallic finish
  • plain ivory - steel powder coated a uniform, hardwearing soft cream
  • our full range of hand painted finishes
  • For more information on plate finishes please see the link to finishes in the menu. The switches (as distinct from the plates) are available in brushed steel, chrome, brass, black and white.

    Plates are available in two styles: bevel edged for a clean, contemporary look or hammered for a traditional, forged look. Because the plates are handmade we can adapt the style if you wish to create your own unique look.

    This guide answers some of the most commonly asked questions. Do please contact us if you'd like any further information or advice.
    What types of headers can I have on my curtains?
    We have a range of different header styles available for your curtains.
    For a detailed explanation of each one, have a look at our Header Guide
    If you would like to discuss your options with a member of our friendly sales team, please call 01473 826685
    Fitting instructions for lights
    Fitting instructions for our lights can be downloaded below.
    Help with low energy bulbs
    Please see our Low Energy Lighting Guide for more information on the types of bulbs available and the features of each type. If you would still like further advice, please email us or give us a call on 01473 826685.
    Guide to Outdoor Lighting
    Summer evenings are now warmer and longer and as time spent in the garden spills over to a later hour, any shortcomings in outdoor lighting become apparent. If you're considering a purchase, we hope this guide will help you create the perfect outside space.

    There are two distinct types of outdoor lighting: the lighting of doorways, steps and paths, where the fitting is a feature, and the lighting of a garden as an outdoor room, where the look needs to create more atmosphere. Lights can be partially hidden by shrubs and candlelight can play a greater part on a terrace. Add storm or hurricane lamps for that extra bit of ambient mood for a garden party or BBQ and to create a talking point for your guests.

    Wall lights are ideal for lighting up drives, paths and porches. By using a line of lights you clearly light the way, whilst enhancing the atmosphere and mood and creating a welcome for your visitors.

    We hope the following tips will help you take advantage of the season, adding charm and character to your home.

    1. The lights should be rated for outdoor use and fitted by a qualified electrician - they understand the different electrical needs for outdoors and when to use a circuit breaker for example. British made by Suffolk craftsmen, all our outdoor lights are rated IP44 and are therefore British weather proof!

    2. Any light fitting by a doorway, especially a main entrance, has a big impact. It should therefore be the best quality fitting you can afford, and should fit its situation in style, finish and proportion (more of which below).

    3. You're lighting a home not a prison, so don't go for a hugely bright bulb. Remember, a little goes a long way in the dark! Think about the atmosphere you desire.

    4. If the light is going to be on a fair bit, it's well worth paying a few pounds more and fitting a low energy bulb at the outset. Apart from the saving in electricity, it will also save standing on a stepladder in the rain. Our LED bulbs will give approximately 50,000 hours of use, so even if the initial outlay is a little more the savings will more than make up for it.

    As regards to the key elements of style, finish and proportion, it's worth bearing the following in mind.

    1. Whilst a modern piece in a period house can create a very effective dramatic contrast, this tends not to work as well with exteriors. A classic style not only works with most exteriors, but won't date. A quality exterior light is an investment piece, so it needs to be something you can live with through several redecorations.

    2. The finish should complement the finish of any door furniture. If in doubt, request a sample of the finish to try in situ.

    3. Black can look quite hard on an old building, particularly one predating the Georgian era. Consider an unlacquered brass which will tarnish over time to a soft, near black patina, or one of our clay, shaker green or cream paint finishes for more of a gentle, country look.

    4. Paint finishes need to be very hard wearing. Even the most hardwearing finishes may rub off a little over time around screwholes or other moving parts, so make sure the base metal is one that you're happy with and won't rust. Solid brass for instance will never rust.

    5. Proportion is critical. By the right doorway a huge outdoor lantern can be a stunning statement piece. A few metres up the road it won't look enormous at all and will create great kerb appeal. If you have a large house with a big, solid doorway, why not try something in the 45 to 75cm range? For smallerhouses, a classic ship's light is always a good look.

    So don't neglect your garden's atmosphere: for further advice on outdoor lighting please contact us to resolve any issues you may have, and create the perfect outside space.

    Once you have created your ideal lighting, you will also be amazed how it changes the space - it will give your garden a totally different perspective and may well surprise you. We manufacture a wide range of outdoor lights, which can be viewed in our Outdoor Lighting section or give our friendly sales team a call on 01473 826685.

    Outdoor Lighting and IP Ratings Explained
    Outdoor light fittings commonly carry an IP rating which denotes the lights protection against the elements.
    • Your outdoor fitting should have a minimum of an IP23 rating, as this means it is rainproof.
    • Garden fittings that may be subject to splashing water from sprinklers need to have at least an IP44 rating.
    • If you clean your external areas with pressure sprays then look for a fitting with an IP45 rating or above.
    For more information on these IP ratings, please see our IP Rating Guide or give our friendly sales team a call on 01473 826685.
    Do i need a left or a right side handle?

    We are often asked how we determine which handle or latch is "left side" and which is "right side" as it tends to be different from one company to the next.

    Our system is in fact very easy to use and works around which side of the door the latch or handle will phyisically be fixed to. The easiest way to determine this is to have a look at which side your hinges are on.

    If for example, your door has the hinges on the left then you will require a right side handle or latch.
    If your hinges are on the right, you will require a left side handle or latch.

    *This applies to all door and window furniture across our website where the product is stated as being left or right sided.
    We stock our products in the finishes we feel suit them best. However, as all our products are made here in Hadleigh, we have the unique ability to finish them in any of the colours that are listed here (please note; only solid brass products will give you the polished and antiqued brass finishes and only forged iron will give you the polished iron or beeswax finish). Please call us on 01473 826685 to find out what we can do for you.

    Antique Brass Solid, natural brass dipped into a mild antiquing solution to speed up the natural tarnishing process. Over time the brass will acquire a darker, more aged patina. Brass is a natural product and some pitting and marking is part of its character. For a flawless finish we recommend a powder coated or painted finish.

    Polished Brass Solid, natural brass polished with ordinary brass polish. This finish can be maintained by regular polishing or the brass can be left to tarnish to create an aged patina. Brass is a natural product and some pitting and marking is part of its character. For a flawless finish we recommend a powder coated or painted finish.

    Nickel Plated A high lustre, reflective finish, created by plating brass with highly polished nickel then finishing it with a flash coating of chromium, carried out to BS12540. A few accent pieces in nickel will add a clean, light edge to interior schemes. This finish is suitable for both indoor (including bathrooms) and outdoor use.

    Beeswax This finish recreates the look of old forged iron. The steel is heated in a very hot oven until it darkens to a near black, then dipped into molten beeswax and left to cool. The overall impression is a soft waxy black, though in fact the colour is a dark grey and can contain hints of browns and other colours. As a natural and organic finish this can look great in both traditional and modern interiors.

    Matt Black A soft, matt black finish. The paint is baked on to create a hardwearing finish suitable for use indoors and out.

    Gloss Black A smart, glossy paint finish. This is a hardwearing, uniform finish, suitable for use inside and out.

    Clay This paint finish is a calm, neutral shade; a subtle colour ideal for creating a country house feel both indoors and out.

    Polished Polished steel sealed with a lacquer coating. This finish is not recommended for outdoor use unless stated otherwise in the product description.

    Plain Ivory A uniform, soft ivory finish. This is a hardwearing finish, suitable for use inside and out.

    Old Ivory An antique effect created by painting a hint of gold and red over a matt ivory finish. This finish is applied by hand so that each piece is unique. Whilst there is a current trend in interiors for creating an antiqued or distressed effect, this is also a timeless look that will bring a touch of softness to an interior scheme. This finish is only suitable for indoor use.

    Old Gold We add a luminescent gold paint, subtly antique it then add darker age spots to create the effect of antique gilding. As with our old ivory finish, this is a classic finish that also reflects a growing trend for gilding and antiquing in interior design. This is a richer, more opulent finish than the old ivory, and is suitable for indoor use only.

    Verdigris Hand painted using a subtle mix of green paints to give the effect of rusting copper, verdi gris is only for use indoors. We can finish any of our items in this finish on request, but may not keep them in stock.

    Zinc A zinc coating is applied to the product to give it a hardwearing and stylish finish, suitable for use inside and out.

    Mercury A lustrous metallic finish achieved by over painting a coat of black paint with multiple layers of metallic paint. Metallics have been a favourite in interior design for the last couple of years and add a very subtle, sophisticated edge. This finish is only suitable for indoor use.

    Shaker Green A hardwearing, pale green paint finish, suitable for use indoors and out.

    White A very hardwearing, plain white finish, suitable for use inside and out. We can finish any of our items in white on request, but don't keep them in stock in this finish.

    Red, Yellow, Blue & Duck Egg Blue These are very hardwearing and stylish painted finishes which not only look good but also protect out door Ironwork. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    To see our finishes, click to view the pop up link at the top right of every page on our website, or refer to p180 of our brochure

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